What will I receive when a research project is completed?

After signing up for one of our services, you will receive a confirmation email from our Research & Library Services Manager.  We will ask that you submit any records or documentation that you may have obtained in your own search, so that we don’t duplicates our efforts. Once we receive information from you, your assigned Researcher will review everything provided to us. We aim for quick and continued communication between you and our department to allow our knowledgeable Researchers enough time with your ancestry.  If there are any follow-up questions for you regarding your case, we will reach out to you personally. 

Upon completion of the authorized research time, you will receive: 

  • Written Report
    • Analysis
    • Strategy
    • Recommendations for Further Research
  • Copies of Supporting Documentation Located by NEHGS
  • A List of Sources Searched

You can visit our How it Works page to learn more and view examples of completed projects.

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