How much does it cost to hire a researcher?

Our " Expert Assessment" service allows you to hire one of our experts to review your own family research and establish a strategy for proceeding on your journey.  This one-day (7 hours) research service consists of an expert analyzing your current research, completing preliminary research about your question/goal, and designing a strategy for continuing with your research.  The completed product includes a written report, a customized research strategy, and any documentation we located.  

Cost: $700 for members / $840 for non-members

As part of your Expert Assessment, you will receive: 

  • Written Report
    • Analysis
    • List of specific resources examined
    • Strategy
    • Recommendations for Further Research
  • Documentation Located by American Ancestors

Upon completion of our Expert Assessment, you may decide to proceed with your own research or you may continue the research with American Ancestors. 

By choosing to continue your project with our Research & Library Services team, additional hours will be conducted at the following rates:

  • $125/hour for non-members
  • $115/hour for members

Contact us online to learn more about this service or any of our other genealogical services.  You may also call us at 1-888-296-3447 (choose option 1).

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